About KOLI

KOLI™ means Key Opinion Leaders & Influencers. We connect the world’s social media influencers to make them more influential, productive and successful.

We are an ecosystem where social media influencers, KOL, celebrities, artists, models and thought leaders build up their profile, portfolio, credibility, authority and get hired by Brands.

Every successful influencer marketing campaign is empowered by a personal connection with the product, and a sincere sharing of the experience.

We put influencers at the heart of the platform, enhancing their credibility, matching opportunities based on their niches and partnering them in their growth.

We help brands identify the best influencers for their campaigns and recommend influencers who are the most relevant to their products and marketing campaigns.

We also help provide data-driven insight for brands to monitor and maximise their returns on marketing investments.

We aim to build the world’s largest community of influencers on a single platform in 5 years time. Our goal is to become the go-to platform for Brands before hiring any influencer.