We're building a strong community of influencers.

Headquartered in Singapore, KOLI™ (Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers) aims to build a strong influencer community worldwide.

KOLI™ sprinkles stardust on you. We help to bring out your authentic voice, build credibility and create successful campaigns. With our technology and proven Influencer marketing strategies KOLI™ guides you to scale greater heights. You will also get to continuously discover new influencers, get connected with them and find opportunities for partnerships and campaigns.

Join KOLI™ and leverage on our insights to grow your content and shine.

We are also launching an app soon. If you're an influencer or brand, you must not miss this.

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We aim to be the one-stop solution for brands engaging influencers.


Harness the power of Influencer marketing, and deliver maximum impact for your content. Build a network of people who resonates to your personal brand and grow your reach.


Showcase your experience and get discovered by brands. With insights from KOLI™, we will guide you step-by-step on how to build, greater credibility


Our machine learning model helps to identify trending topics, keywords and composition, guiding you step-by-step in the process of your content development.


KOLI™ analyze Influencer and Followers statistics using Artificial Intelligence, driving smart matching and data audience targeting that deliver fast and measurable results.

Facts and Figures

There are 2.3 billion people in Asia who are active on social media and influencer marketing offers more than $5 billion worth of opportunities here.

Showcasing yourself and reaching out to your audience has never been easier as the ways in which we consume content have evolved. We will help you as influencer to differentiate from the pack.

Consumer trust recommendations more than advertising. Brands have doubled their influencer marketing budget in 2017 because they are seeing better returns than spending on traditional marketing.

Returns for the Brands

We value the brands we work and appreciate the partnerships.

With our proprietary algorithm, we help brands identify influencers who are best fitted for their marketing campaign. The KOLI™ application guides you step-by-step from ideation, to connecting with our influencers, executing your campaigns and reporting the results. Our platform also creates a dashboard that summarizes your campaign real-time, providing insights to the performance in a truthful and transparent manner.

The Team

Lim Tian Yi

Author, Speaker, Investor. Founder of KOLI App; Building the world strongest community of influencers. Learn how to start a mobile app business at: limtianyi.com

Teh Li Rong

Co-Founder, CEO
An Entrepreneur for her entire career. She is passionate about empowering women, especially in tech. Finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Women in IT Awards Asia.

Bernadette Goh

Co-Founder, COO
Civil engineer by training, entrepreneur by practice. Passionate about health and fitness and living life to the fullest and making every second count.

Eric Si

Chief UI/UX Officer
The one that does UX & UI and co-creates amazing designs with the team. Each design experience begins with a conversation.


10 years working in software development industry, especially in mobile development. Bachelor of Software Engineering, University of Science, National University of Vietnam.
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